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Concentrated Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer

Product name : Concentrated Amino Acid Liquid Fertilizer

Product abbreviation : amino acid liquid

Enterprise store :

Corporate name : Chengdu Chelation Biology Technology Co.,Ltd

Product form : Water agent

Content : 30%     Monthly production : 200 tons

Packaging : 200L/1000L

Product description : FERTILIZANTES PARA EL USO AGRICOLA/DE ORIGEN VEGETAL AMINOACIDO LIQUIDO LIQUID AMINO ACID Our amino acid liquid contain organic nitrogen and in-organic nitrogen, which can be applied on the crops as foliar fertilizer. There are two source, one is from animal fur, the other is from soybean. Fertilizer: Aminoacids powder: 30%,40%,50%,60%,70%, 80% amino acid chelated (Fe,Cu,B,Zn,Mn,Mg,Mo,K,Ca,) Aminoacid Liquid: 30%,50%,TE EDDHA-Fe 6% Iron Chelated Organic Fertilizer. Feed Additives: 1.Feed Acidifier: including Fumaric acid, Citric acid, Calcium formate, Lactic acid. 2.Organic Feed Protein Chelate: Ca/Zn/Fe/Cu/Mn/Se/Co/ I 3.Methionine chelate: Fe/Zn/Mn/Cu/Se 4.And Lysine for feeding. 5.we also can produce formulation product according to clients requests, like amino acid +vitamins+ minerals. Price Inquiry: Whatapp/Wechat: +8618408228266

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