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Amino Acid Powder 80% Concentrated Fertilizer

Product name : Amino Acid Powder 80% Concentrated Fertilizer

Product abbreviation : amino80

Enterprise store :

Corporate name : Chengdu Chelation Biology Technology Co.,Ltd

Product form : powder

Content : 80%     Monthly production : 150 tons

Packaging : 25KG

Product description : Price Inquiry: Whatapp/Wechat: +8618408228266 Our compound amino acid powder contain organic nitrogen and in-organic nitrogen, which not only can be used as raw materials for foliar fertilizer but also can be apply on the crops as water flush fertilizer, ground fertilizer and basic fertilizer. There are two source, one is from animal fur, the other is from soybean. Related Products: Aminoacids powder: 30%,40%,50%,60%,70%, 80% amino acid chelated (Fe,Cu,B,Zn,Mn,Mg,Mo,K,Ca,) Aminoacid Liquid: 30%,50%,TE EDDHA-Fe 6% Iron Chelated Organic Fertilizer. 1.Feed Acidifier: including Fumaric acid, Citric acid, Calcium formate, Lactic acid. 2.Organic Feed Protein Chelate: Ca/Zn/Fe/Cu/Mn/Se/Co/ I 3.Methionine chelate: Fe/Zn/Mn/Cu/Se 4.And Lysine for feeding. 5.we also can produce formulation product according to clients requests, like amino acid +vitamins+ minerals.

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