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Product abbreviation : NPK

Enterprise store :

Corporate name : Shanxi Meibang Dafunong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Product form : powder

Content : 100%     Monthly production : 500MTS

Packaging : 20KG KRAFT PAPER BAG

Product description : HumiMore NPK Micronutrients & Humic Acid Water Soluble Fertilizer HumiMore is a fully water soluble fertilizer. It combines organic humic acid, fulvic acid with macroelements NPK as well as micronutrients, which are necessary for plant growth. It can complement nutrition and promote growth sharply. It is reasonable proportion in nutrition substances, suitable for application from seeding stage to flower stage, without evaporation loss, easily soluble in water, high fertilizer efficiency. Specification: Humic Acid≥10% Fulvic Acid≥3% NPK 10-5-20 TE≥1.2% Solubility 100% PH 7-8 Appearance gray powder Features: 1) Improves the soil structure. 2) Reduces nutrient losses. 3) Improves nutrient uptake by the root system. 4) Increases microbiological activity of soil. 5) Complement N P K the plant needs. Recommended Application: Forliar spray:dilute 1—2kg powder in 1000L water Fertigation:add it to irrigation water at the ratio of 30—45kg/ha Package: It is available in 1kg,10kg, 20kg/bag or as per request.

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