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humic acid granule

Product name : humic acid granule

Product abbreviation : HA

Enterprise store :

Corporate name : Shanxi Meibang Dafunong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Product form : Granular

Content : 100%     Monthly production : 500mt

Packaging : 20kg kraft paper bag

Product description : Humic Acid Granule Organic Granular Humic Acid for Soil Conditioner HumiWinner-H is made from natural humic acid mineral and produced with special granulation technology. It has high activity and long-lasting fertilizer efficiency. HumiWinner-H has uniform particles and high strength, matching with other granular fertilizers exactly. It is suitable for all kinds of soil especially alkaline soil. HumiWinner-H has been certificated by swiss IMO and is suitable for organic agriculture. Specification: Humic Acid ≥55% Organic Matter≥65% PH 4—6 Moisture ≤25% Size: 2-4mm Strength:4-6N Appearance black-brown granule

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