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Product name : HUMIWARM

Product abbreviation : HA

Enterprise store :

Corporate name : Shanxi Meibang Dafunong Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Product form : Water agent

Content : 100%     Monthly production : 500mt

Packaging : 1/5/20/1000L drum

Product description : HumiWarm —Liquid Humic Acid for Plant Solution in Cold Resistance HumiWarm is a liquid fertilizer based on humic acid. Natural humic acid can stimulate bio-enzyme activity rapidly, improve stability of cell membrane structure and cytoplasm concentration, enhance plant resistance ability to bad environment like low temperature. Its nutrition is full and balanced, can remove physiological barrier caused by low temperature. It is suitable for many kinds of crops to spray and drip-irrigate. Specification: Humic Acid≥100g/L Fulvic Acid≥30g/L Amino Acid≥10g/L N≥80g/L P2O5≥40g/L K2O≥80g/L Chelated Fe≥0.5g/L Chelated Zn≥0.5g/L Chelated Mn≥0.5g/L Chelated Cu≥0.2g/L B≥0.1g/L Mo≥0.05g/L Black liquid

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