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Morocco’s OCP Group to dedicate 4 Mln Tons of fertilizers to African Countries

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Morocco’s state-owned phosphate OCP group has pledged to dedicate 4 million tons of fertilizers for African farmers in 2023 in a solidarity move with African countries.


The announcement was made by OCP Chairman & CEO Mostafa Terrab at the ongoing 2022 IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings held in Washington-DC 10-16.


Over 44 million farmers across 35 countries will benefit from the new Moroccan fertilizers batch which is more than double OCP’s supply to the continent in 2021 and represents over a quarter of OCP’s expected total output.


Part of its commitment to enhance food security in Africa, the OCP also includes in the fertilizer supply program training and capacity building alongside local partners.


“The current geopolitical situation reveals deeper systemic fragilities in global agricultural systems. We have to address the challenges facing African farmers, from infrastructure to knowledge to market access to financing”, said Mr.Terrab.


“We are glad to be able to do our part and we are thankful for the excellent dialogue and collaboration with the World Bank, IFC, USAID, as well as other multilateral and development agencies involved in this effort, given their demonstrated leadership and long-term commitment to African development”, he added.


OCP has heavily invested in the development of eco-responsible fertilizer production capacity, reaching 15 MT of finished product by 2023, from a base of 3MT in 2008. This enables OCP to respond to Africa’s urgent needs while also supporting farmers around the world.


With revenues reaching $9.4 billion in 2021, OCP is a leader in plant nutrition and the world’s largest producer of phosphate-based fertilizers. It works in close partnership with more than 350 customers across the world. Closer to home, OCP is committed to accelerating Africa’s environmental and social development and implement sustainable and prosperous agriculture through continuous innovation.


Its subsidiary OCP Africa has developed a comprehensive farmer-centric approach, which has already reached more than 2 million farmers with fertilizer customization, soil mapping, training, field trials and market linkages.


Created in 2016, OCP Africa aims to contribute to the development of integrated agricultural ecosystems in Africa. It has offices in many African countries (Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Benin, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, and Rwanda) and is present on the ground in many others.


Source: The North Africa Post


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