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NPK16-11-18 controlled released fertilizer

Product name : NPK16-11-18 controlled released fertilizer

Product abbreviation : NPK granular

Enterprise store :

Corporate name : Hebei Monband Water Soluble Fertilizer Co., Ltd

Product form : Granular

Content : NPK16-11-18     Monthly production : 10000mt

Packaging : 25kg, ton bag

Product description : Other formulas: 16-11-18 18-12-20 28-10-10 25-10-10 16-13-13 Polyurethane coating tehchnology. Control release rate of nitrogen. Consistantly and controlled release for 90-120 days. Effectively reduce times and quantity of fertilization. Save labor and time. Avoid soil and environmental pollution, which is caused by excessive nitrogen fetilizer.

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