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Product name : FertiGEL

Product abbreviation : FertiGEL

Enterprise store : Tarim

Corporate name : KARE TARIM

Product form : Water agent

Content : FERTIGEL 16-67-16 W/V% Total Nitrogen (N) 16 Ammonium Nitrogen, NH4-N 4 Urea Nitrogen, NH2-N 12 Water soluble Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5) 67 Water soluble Potassium oxide (K2O) 16 Iron (Fe) , Organic     Monthly production : 1000 t

Packaging : cartoon or metal

Product description : It is a perfect product containing high rates of macro elements in addition to some trace elements. Usable in any kinds of horticulture (seedlings, sapling, scion, open and covered vegetable and fruit growing, etc.), FERTIGEL STARTER is a product that yields result in a very short time of use. It enhances plant rooting, and particularly induces the capillary root formation, and makes the plant stronger against the adverse soil conditions (root diseases, drought, excessive saltiness, etc.), resulting in a healthier and stronger growth and earlier maturation. When it is used after the drug application against the root diseases, it accelerates the canopy development to eliminate such negative outcomes, so that it does not cause any problem in growth and development.

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