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Alginate Water Soluble Fertilizer

Product name : Alginate Water Soluble Fertilizer

Product abbreviation : Alginate Fertilizer

Enterprise store :

Corporate name : Rizheng Jiuan Science & Technology(Beijing) Co.,Ltd

Product form : Water agent

Content : Organic Matter70g/L,Seaweed polysaccharide:30g/L,Alginate:10g/L,Ti:7g/L,B:4g/L     Monthly production : 500tons

Packaging : 1L,5L,20L,200L,1000L package

Product description : The appearance of this fertilizer is dark brown transparent liquid; the water solution is clear and transparent, with no precipitation, chemical stability, low dosage, high rate of absorption and utilization, good water solubility, high dissolution rate (i.e. water soluble); it is transparent and homogeneous, which not only can be diluted for root irrigation, seed soaking, dipping seedling, foliar spraying, but also can be used for sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.It has good water-solubility and no residue.It can be completely dissolved in water and directly absorbed and used by roots and leaves of crops.Its effective absorption rate is more than one time higher than ordinary chemical fertilizer, and the fertilizer effect is fast, which can solve the nutrient demand in the rapid growth period of crops.

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