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seaweed extract

Product name : seaweed extract

Product abbreviation : seaweed extract

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Product form : powder

Content : 99%     Monthly production : 100

Packaging : PP/PE

Product description : Product advantages 1、Biological fermentation process extraction Wuzhoufeng seaweed extract products use Wuzhoufeng's exclusive semi-solid bio-fermentation process, using high-quality and efficient fermentation strains cultivated by the company, with mild conditions and high fermentation efficiency, which can effectively decompose seaweed cells and release biologically active ingredients. Secondary metabolites such as molecular amino acids, further enrich the active ingredients of seaweed extract 2、Enriched with a variety of pure natural growth-like substances. Such as auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, polyphenol compounds and antibiotics, which have high biological activity, can stimulate the production of active factors and the balance of endogenous hormones in plants, promote plant photosynthesis, and promote the crop growth and development, improve its vitality and resistance to diseases, insects, drought, waterlogging, low temperature and other adversities. 3、Compared with chemical fertilizers, seaweed extract has incomparable advantages in terms of increased yield, stress resistance, naturalness and non-toxic,etc. Compared with traditional foliar fertilizer, WUZHOUFENG seaweed extract significantly promote crop growth, root development, improving photosynthesis, strengthening plants, etc. Pure natural seaweed extract is also rich in protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, inorganic salts, vitamins, plant hormones, Polyphenols, polysaccharides and other biologically active substances,which can greatly improve crop quality, enhance the resistance of disease, cold, drought , promote early maturity of fruits, and increase economic value. 4、A good soil amendment,enhancing the plant's resistance to disease and stress. Seaweed extract is rich in organic ingredients such as alginic acid and polysaccharides, which can effectively improve the soil structure, improve  the soil's aeration and retain water, and prevent soil degradation. The organic ingredients are beneficial to the growth of soil microorganism, improve the microbial environment of the crop roots, and promote the healthy growth of the root system. The mannitol contained can greatly increase the water absorption capacity and chlorophyll content of crops,etc.

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