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ZhiNengCong(ZNC) Powder Universal

Product name : ZhiNengCong(ZNC) Powder Universal

Product abbreviation : ZNC

Enterprise store :


Product form : powder

Content : *     Monthly production : 25Tons

Packaging : 25kg/Bag

Product description : Usage and Dosage: 12.5-25 g/mu, or dilute 100,000-200,000 times ZNC functions well in growth promotion, disease resistance, stress resistance, reproduction promotion, and improvement of the effects of fertilizers. ZNC is ultra-highly active and significantly improves the growth and stress resistance of plants at a concentration of 1 ng/mL. And has good disease resistance effect in 50-200ng / ml. Studies show ZNC’s comparatively stable properties. It is stable at pH 2-10 or under 90℃. ZNC remains stable at a high temperature of 140℃ for 5 minutes. It is stable when exposed to visible light or ultraviolet light. It is stable in organic reagent mixtures or inorganic salt mixtures. This property allows for the addition of ZNC into pesticides and fertilizers.

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