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company name : KARE TARIM

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Address : Etiler Adnan Menderes Blv. TURQİA

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    We are looking for commercial partnership for our unique and hi tech fertilizer products in different countries all over the World. Especially Our Gel products unique structure in the world which are contain special enzymes and vitamins plus TE (trace elements). And we are the first and unique company in Turkey who is export fertilizer to Spain and China by our own FERTIGEL(SUSPENSION GEL).. Our company is manufacture Fertilizers and Export them. We are already sell our hi -tech products to many countries such as Far East (China, Indonesiaosia, Vietnam, Cambodia etc), in Middle East (Egypt, Syria, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon etc), in Europe (Spain, Albania etc), in Africa (Morocco). Our customers are so satisfied by our Fertigel and we will be happy to share with you our customers thoughts about our unique product and other products by links above.. We woud like to present our company and our qualified products to South America Countries and We work with one or two main distributors in each country. For this purpose, we have started our search for main dealers who will want to work with us with high profitability under correct working conditions. We will also support your company for registration files and also by internet ads. for our registration and marketing in your country. We would like to forward step by step and get negotiation.. We are demanding online meeting with your executives representatives.. Please visit our page and do not hesitate to contact for more detailed information. Waiting for your response Thanks in Advance Some of our advertising videos ... (En Espanyol)


  • FertiGEL

    Product name : FertiGEL

    Product abbreviation : FertiGEL

    Product form : Water agent

    Product content: FERTIGEL 16-67-16 W/V% Total Nitrogen (N) 16 Ammonium Nitrogen, NH4-N 4 Urea Nitrogen, NH2-N 12 Water soluble Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5) 67 Water soluble Potassium oxide (K2O) 16 Iron (Fe) , Organic

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    Country: Turkey

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