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Product Name:condensed molasses fermentation soluble
Short Name:CMS
Company Name:yantaihongyuan
Status:Water soluble
Monthly Production Capacity:10000MT
Package:in buck
Category:Organic Fertilizer Water Soluble Fertilizer Humic Acid Fertilizer Fertilizer Additive Biostimulus
Issue Date:2015-10-6 16:30:57
Products Discribing:organic materials>300g/L、NPK>100g/L, BFA>200g/L,hydrolyzed amino acids>100g/L、crude protein>300g/L The main ingredients for this product is molasses, starch and extract of sugar beet. With the German high-tech triple effect TVR ferment condense equipment, added in with high quality Bacillus Natto, came this high concentrate liquid amino acid product that is condense and concocted through modern microorganism fermentation process. It retains the nice smell and nutrients of molasses. This product obtained EU’s GMP+ safety certificate. Manufacturer can mix CMS into their own concoction of amino acids, humic acid, fulvic acid, trace elements, NPK etc.
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FSHOW BoothNo.:4D10-4E10
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