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Product Name:FULVIC ACID
Company Name:Mudanjiang Fengda Chemicals Imp.&Exp. Corp.
Status:Water soluble
Purity:FAS (dry basis):8% 、15% min
Monthly Production Capacity:
Package:Net each in 25kg plastic durm
Category:Humic Acid Fertilizer Slow Controlled Fertilizer Biostimulus Plant growth regulator Soil Conditioner
Issue Date:2015-8-3 17:04:13
Products Discribing:Property: Powder fulvic acid is brown powder ,liquid fulvic acid is dark brown . Usage: Fulvic Acid applied in agriculture and gardening industry, have benefit as following: Chelating ordinary amount and trace nutrient material can make it be used by plant much better. (2) Preventing plant from disease, enhance anti-waterlogging. (3) Stimulate microcosmic biology activity. (4) Slowly release fertilizer, modify fertilizer and utilization of pesticide. (5) Improve absorbing nutrition, promote plant sprout and growth. (6) Speed up sediment and decompounding , meliorate soil structure. Packing: Net each in 50kg plastic drum.
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