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Product Name:slow release Humic Acid granular Humax 550
Short Name:Humic acid
Company Name:Xian TBIO Crop Science Co.,Ltd
Monthly Production Capacity:800tons
Package:25kg bags ,600kg FIBC bag, provide customized package
Category:Organic Fertilizer Humic Acid Fertilizer
Issue Date:2015-7-21 11:05:33
Products Discribing:TBIO Humax acts as an ideal organic soil conditioner based on humic acid from active Leonardite. It offers abundant natural organic substances and favor soil and plant with dense humic/fulvic acid and humus. Around 1/3 faster release and 2/3 buffer release nutrition provide a lasting nurse to plants. Specification: Total Organic Matter (dry baisis): 70 % Total Humic Acid: 55 % Fulvic Acid: 1.5% Water Solubility: Slow Release pH (10% solution at 20 oC): 4.0 – 6.0 Application: Base fertilizer
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