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Product Name:TBIO Humikey-100% water soluble Potassium Humate
Short Name:potassium humate
Company Name:Xian TBIO Crop Science Co.,Ltd
Monthly Production Capacity:420tons
Package:available in 100g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg,10kg, 20/25kg bags ,600kg FIBC bag, provide customized package
Category:Humic Acid Fertilizer
Issue Date:2015-6-24 18:41:04
Products Discribing:Specification: Total Humic extracts(as dry basis):80% Fulvic Acid(as dry basis):15-20% Potassium(as K2O dry basis):8% Benifits: Effectively accelerate the plant growth. Activate biological enzyme system of plant, the carboxyl functional group in HumiKey can accelerate enzymatic reaction, promote metabolism and improve biological activity. Improve efficiency of nutritional absorption by plant leaves Promote Photosynthesis,accelerate the synthesis of photosynthesis pigment,increase the content of chlorophyll a in particular, and enhance the photosynthetic rate. Reduce respiration & transpiration of plants Increase the yield and improve quality of agriculture products Improve effectiveness of pesticide and fungicide. Enhance CEC, improve fertilizer &water holding capacity of soil
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