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Company Name:yantaihongyuan
Company official website:http://www.vedancms.com
Comapny Address:shandongshengyantaishi
Business Type:Manufacturer
Booth No.:4D10-4E10
Member Class:Member
Store Address:http://www.fertonline.com/Com/hongyuan
Company Brief:As a partner of Taiwan Vedan Group in the field of agricultural materials, Yantai Hongyuan Bio-fertilizer Co., Ltd. mainly introduces (imports) various technologies and agricultural materials of Taiwan Vedan Group and is engaged in sub-packaging, processing and sales in Mainland China. Three joint venture enterprises integrating R&D, production and storage were established successively in cooperation with Taiwan Vedan Group, guaranteeing the market supply and quality of various products in Mainland China. Since its establishment, the company has made outstanding achievement, and is one of the domestic largest suppliers of water soluble fertilizer and raw materials. In recent years, the company actively utilizes the core biotechnology, has developed “Guomile”, “Yidi” and “Naduoli” water soluble fertilizer with independent intellectual property rights and aims to become the pioneer and leader in the domestic water soluble fertilizer industry.
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FSHOW BoothNo.:4D10-4E10
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